Able To Play Studio offers brand new or used accordions for rent**.

Purchasing a brand new instrument can be a pricey proposition. You can buy a used accordion, but often these are damaged and are in need of repairs. And it's not uncommon for students to start with one instrument only to decide that they want to try another one.

On the other hand, renting an accordion allows you to have your own instrument while deciding which size, color, works for your physical structure and strength.

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Accordion Rentals

The accordion is being rediscovered by many people as a versatile, affordable, portable keyboard instrument of great character. Unlike most keyboard instruments, you can take your accordion just about anywhere that you can share music.

It is also surprisingly easy to learn via Simply Music’s unique playing-based approach, which has produced many thousands of happily self-expressed piano and keyboard players, and has now been redesigned for accordion.

Simply Music teaches students to play the accordion by immersing them in the actual process of playing, and providing a subtle balance between guidance, discovery and direct ‘hands- on’ experience.

This program uses an entirely new and far more natural approach, which transforms the entire music learning process, and completely redefines who is capable of teaching and learning music.

How is Simply Music Accordion different?

The quantity of music you learn

The quality of music you play

The speed of your progress

The ease with which you experience the process

Simply Music actively ignores the myths about learning music and bases its program on the premise that everybody, without exception, is already naturally musical.

Every day, we all express this in a thousand ways – through our body’s instinctive rhythms, our heartbeat, our breathing, our movements. Our innate connection to music is precisely what gives us the ability to walk and to talk!

Life is musical... profoundly so. Simply Music draws on and feeds our natural sense of music, and places highest priority on the sheer pleasure of playing music.

What others are saying about the method:

I watched my son go from having an interest in an instrument to being a musician who is passionate about playing the accordion. Having the ability to play simple songs from the get-go has allowed him to approach the accordion fearlessly, all within a year’s time. To me, this is at the heart of Simply Music; it is a method that allows students to feel confident enough at the beginning of their musical journey that they can’t help but play their instruments with joy, courage, and enthusiasm.

Beth Tubbs, Parent

As a past student of the accordion and mentor to my two granddaughters, I have found the Simply Music Accordion program to be the perfect tool to teach these young girls how to play and enjoy music in a relatively short period of time. They have gained so much confidence with their playing, they have even applied for a few competitions! The Simply Music Accordion Program allows them to learn and have fun all at the same time.

Debra Thrash 

This is a wonderful music program and the results are astounding! Even if you don’t consider yourself musically talented, this program is designed for you! It is easy to understand and easy to play a full repertoire of beautiful songs from a variety of genres. I also think this program could be a major breakthrough for children with a variety of cognitive delays and learning disabilities. I love the Simply Music approach.

Dr. Anne Margaret Wright (Psy.D.)
Educational Consultant for: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine 

Hohner Corporation, the world leader in accordion innovation and production,

has adopted the Simply Music Accordion Program as their official method-of-choice.

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Group Lessons
(2 or more students in a class)
30 minute weekly lessons
$22 per lesson

Private Lesson
30 minute*
Weekly lessons
$25 per lesson
(*1 hour lessons are also available)

Are online accordion lessons available?

We have students across different states from the East Coast to the West Coast and South America that are not able to physically come into the studio but are able to still participate in lessons via SKYPE (a free internet program).  Read more about it here:  Skype Lessons

I can already play a little bit, can you teach me proper technique?

Yes, from right hand technique, left hand bass technique, different types of bellow shakes, bellow control, musical styles from baroque to popular music - our teachers are equipped to teach everyone from the absolute beginner to the serious advancing students. 

What kind of music do you teach?

The students enrolled in the Simply Music Method (for beginners) will be immediately introduced to popular music, ballads, blues, classical, accompaniment (use of chords), and contemporary songs right from the beginning.

Students already playing but want to advance their repertoire, learn proper technique, etc. we have a huge library of accordion music that is available to registered students.  French music, Argentine Tangos, Baroque Music, Russian, Balkan Music, Folk Music, Classical, Novelty pieces and much much more.

Call or E-mail to set up your lessons: 509-998-5422


Our Hetibu Method includes the Australian Method called ‘Simply Music’

WHAT is it? 

            Simply Music Accordion is a playing based method that has anyone playing immediately!

A Playing Based Method vs. Traditional Methods

Traditional Methods    

Learn the Notes  

Learn the rhythm

Learn how to play the instrument

To the degree of your ability to read music will dictate the rate at which you will be able to play

Playing Based Method called Simply Music

Play great sounding pieces!

Learn Popular, Classical, Blues,

Contemporary, Accompaniment,

Arrangements, Composing, Improvisation

and much much more!

Expecting students to read music before they’ve learned to play is like

expecting children to read and write before they’ve learned to talk

How To Play the Accordion

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All at the same time

(too much for the brain!)


(from the beginning!)

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