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The Bravo Series

The BRAVO Series sets the gold standard for students and beginners. The rugged and musically versatile instruments in this series offer performance features previously available only in considerably more expensive instruments. A good example is the Bravo’s incorporation of the T-keyboard mechanism, offering outstanding playability and ease of service.

The HOHNER project team was led by the input of both accordion teachers and students regarding another important aspect of design: the instrument should be as light as possible, especially for the youngest pupils. The 48 bass accordions weigh only 4.9 kg (10.8 lbs.), making them perhaps the lightest available instruments in their class on the market. The larger instruments are also exceptionally light.

Available in a 48, 72, 96 & 120 bass models.

Nova Series

NOVA has been designed for the smallest accordionists in compliance with all the features of the best HOHNER models: Elasticity of the keyboards, short key drop, and aesthetically pleasing with a rounded, compact shape. Leaving each player room for their own musical interpretation, our engineers developed a new button keyboard that meets the international ergonomic standards. For the player this means a faster response to the tones at the same time very balanced and pleasant feel.

The exciting look of the Nova is dominated by the grill, but it is much more than just a chic appearance. It characterizes the assertive, yet very sophisticated sound of the instruments. The precisely calculated holes allow the listener to enjoy a very balanced mix of low and high frequencies.  C or B systems available.

Amica Series

The AMICA, more accordion for creative performances. Who does not want greater choice of timbres to move freely around the whole wide world of accordion music?

The added fourth voice in the Amica 4-voice models brings 11 different timbres into existence. This makes it perfect for use in orchestras as well as on stage in keeping with the standard of all HOHNER accordions.

Atlantic Series

For over 100 years, the combination of aesthetics and functionality at HOHNER have gone hand in hand to create the perfect accordion. This philosophy continues with the new Atlantic IV 120.

The popularity of the accordion has increased with musicians both young and old. The new Atlantic IV 120, with its versatility and flexibility, is the perfect Instrument for all ages.

This accordion is equally well suited for playing in an accordion orchestra, the classroom or practicing at home as well as professional use on the stage. The reliability, robustness and strength of sound has always been the hallmark of the HOHNER Atlantic, inspiring accordion players of all ages. This tradition continues with the new Atlantic. This instrument is pure fun!

Fun Line Models

The Fun Line accordions were designed by Frédéric Deschamps to meet the needs of a new generation of accordionists who want to improve their musical skills.

The main advantages of this accordion series are ergonomics, appearance, tone, and elasticity of the keyboards, the compression of the bellows and the light weight of the instrument.

The role of the accordion has grown in the last few years, becoming an established part of popular music. Consequently, the Fun Line was specifically adapted to be played on stage.

The instruments of Fun Line have been developed to all music styles such as international Pop, Folk, Musette and others. These models are ideal for the accompaniment of singers and incorporation into various musical styles including jazz, rock, pop, rap, and slam.

Available for the last 12 years, this series of instruments was designed for a new generation of accordionists. The idea came during a fun evening at a nightclub. Product designers were haunted by the image of a drag queen dressed in many fluorescent colors under black light. The next day the first fluorescent Fun accordion was born.

The Fun Flash accordion has become an integral part of the accordion family. The variability of this series is valued by leading international artists of the new generation.

The Fun Line accordions are constantly developing and improving, not only in regards to aesthetics, but also in keeping with the teaching methods of its inventor, Frédéric Deschamps.

Morino Series

Instruments in the Morino line have an excellent reputation in the accordion world. An accordion orchestra without a Morino is unthinkable.

The characteristic sound - especially the voices inside the Cassotto - gives this instrument a special touch, strengthening the ensemble into one sound and voice.

In 1936 the constructing engineer Venanzio Morino manufactured accordions of his own conception and design. Often these instruments were custom built for a single artist. Matth. HOHNER AG supported and promoted his ideas. Today, the Venanzio Morino legacy lives on in the accordions that bear his name.

Perhaps the most obvious sign of the Morino legacy is the piano keyboard; frictionless and much more precise than other keyboards. An unbelievable technical advancement!


Accordion production without skilled handiwork is unthinkable. Despite modern automation technology a high quality accordion will always remain a musical instrument that owes its soul to the precision and expertise put into its construction. Especially when putting the final touches to the reeds and reed plates, experienced craftsmanship coupled with a feeling for music is the secret of the legendary HOHNER Sound. At HOHNER traditional handwork in accordion building goes hand in hand with research and development. The most modern production and analysis procedures are utilized in the construction of every accordion. It is a particularly satisfying moment for us when an accordion is finished. Combining thousands of expertly assembled, individual components with a rigorous final quality control results in an instrument that will give its future owner a lifetime of pleasure.

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Blue Hohner Fun Flash (Slightly Used)
9 Treble Registers - 1 mute
4 Bass Registers
96 Bass

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