It’s Winter and the perfect season for a short session of fun music learning!

Able To Play Music is offering 4 weeks of lessons to explore music! It’s a great time to experience either the piano or the accordion and get a taste of the wonderful world of music! 

Who is giving these lessons?

Able To Play Music has been providing lessons for 14 years. Our award winning team is made up of passionate musicians and music teachers, whose purpose in life is to make learning music fun and accessible for everyone!  Each teacher is licensed and certified and has completed extensive training. Check out our teachers here.

Learn using the Simply Music Australian Method

Unlike traditional lessons, Simply Music teaches an approach similar to how we learn to talk.  We all had years to speak and get a command of the English language before we had to read and write.  Shouldn’t music learning be the same?  We wouldn’t expect our toddler to read and write to us before we allowed them to talk.  At Able To Play Music, we let our students get an immediate experience with music and the instrument.  And because Simply Music is based on the premises that  everyone, without exception, is profoundly deeply musical, each person has the ability to use what is already natural for them and apply it to music. 

With Simply Music, you’ll get a step by step approach to each piece, take home a DVD that has the snapshot of what took place in your lesson to review all week and a high quality audio to listen to your pieces. 

You will learn several genres of music: contemporary, ballad, blues, accompaniment.  All these will give you the tools to play the music you want to play!

In 4 weeks, can a student really play any real music?

With the Simply Music Method, in 4 weeks our students are able to play and enjoy songs immediately from their very first lessons.  Lessons are fun and full of creativity.


The opportunities of shared lessons!

We do offer private lessons but strongly recommend shared lessons and here are some of the great opportunities and experiences of what takes place in a group setting:

  1. The dynamic group environment accelerates musical learning. 

  2. Community, camaraderie, friendship – within music learning and potentially beyond that.

  1. Lower financial cost per lesson.

These musical and social benefits would be missed in private lessons.

Can anyone sign up?

Simply Music is designed for the learning and playing success of all students, regardless of age, abilities, and musical background.


I don’t have an accordion, can I rent one?

Able To Play Music has accordions available* rent free for the 4 week session. 
*(Based on availability and demand).

Can I learn more about this before committing?

Yes! A FREE introductory information session is available at different times.  Please contact us to set up your free session!

For more information and/or to reserve your space

 Call (509) 998-5422 or Register Here!

                           For a Lifelong Companion


Winter Enrichment Classes

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  1. 4 week class to play music immediately

  2. Piano or Accordion

  3. September - December

  4. A proven successful Australian Method

  5. Certified and Licensed Teachers

  6. FREE introductory session

It’s different, it’s fun, it’s unique, it’s affordable