"Patricia has transformed a lifelong dream of playing the accordion into a passion for me. She's open to new ideas and techniques; this keeps things fresh. Patricia is a great ambassador of the accordion. She is an inspiration personally and musically."  

                                                     – Marcia Lydiksen

"As an older new student to the accordion (I am 60), the challenge of taking up a new instrument and learning how to read and understand music can be difficult. It takes patience, for both the teacher and the student, and practice.  I have worked with Patricia for two years, both in the studio and on Skype.  She is not only an accomplished musician.  She is able to focus on the individual student, add warmth and humor to the lesson and set high standards for play. Through her inspiration, her enthusiasm and acceptance I have discovered the joy of playing and of listening."                               Robynne Snow

"I am a seventy year old woman with a piano that sat for several years unused. I have always wanted to play the piano so decided that rather than get rid of the piano I would learn to play and enjoy it.  I was being taught the traditional way of playing but it was suggested I might enjoy learning the Simply Music way. I was reluctant at first because I wanted to play like everyone else and wasn't sure what this method would end up teaching me. But I consented to try for one month and by the second lesson committed to two months. I am now finishing my third month. It is really fun and I never mind practicing each and every day; in fact, I look forward to it. I have ten memorized songs and three of them with variations to the original way I learned to play them. It is easy to play and the variety of songs in level one have given me an interesting repertoire even as a beginner.

The Simply Music method is a fun and effective way to learn to play the piano."                                                                                           

"I have been with Patricia Bartell since 2005.  I can honestly say that I never thought I would be doing the things musically that I am today.  It has been her teaching expertise, her encouragement, that has pushed me beyond what I ever thought was possible.  She is, hands down, an amazing teacher!"  

Corrie Sams

"Patricia Bartell is a great teacher and I appreciate her method of teaching my son Emil.  He loves to play accordion and he always looks forward to his lessons.  She is an experienced, very patient and dedicated teacher.  We are glad that there is an accordion teacher in this area with enthusiasm and passion for the instrument."

Kasia Haroldsen

"I am Emil Haroldsen and I am 10 years old.  I started lessons with Miss Bartell in September 2010.  Miss Bartell is a very nice teacher, she is very funny and I learned so much since I started my lessons.  I like the way she teaches me.  Sometimes I have lessons with Yev and I like lessons with him as well.  The best thing about Yev is that he is very funny and makes me laugh."      :-) 

Emil Haroldsen




"Able to play studio and Patricia Bartell is a great place to learn how to play the accordion. I first became involved with Able to Play Studio through and introductory class on ‘How to Play the Accordion’, prior to the class I did not know how to read music or play a musical instrument of any kind. Being in my mid 40s I thought that I may be attempting the impossible.  With Patricia Bartell’s instruction after a couple of short lessons I actually learned how to play some basic songs on the accordion. Later in my lessons I discovered that Ms. Bartell is a world class musician and instructor  who is recognized throughout the United States, Canada and Europe as a top ranking acccordionist.

She is focused on pushing the accordion to new limits, and teaches modern technique and fun contemporary and classic songs. I am now finishing my second year taking lessons from Ms. Bartell and can actually play a variety of different songs on the accordion!  I have found Patricia Bartell to be extremely patient and she has a great sense of humor, (a must if you are teaching someone with my musical background).  Trust me, if she can teach me to play an accordion she can surly teach you. Ms. Bartell is one of the top accordion teachers in the United States, and to receive lessons from her is a privilege."    

– Bill Harris



"As the parent of a child whose teacher uses the Simply Music Accordion program, I watched my son go from having an interest in an instrument to being a musician who is passionate about playing the accordion. Having the ability to play simple songs from the get-go has allowed him to approach the accordion fearlessly, all within a year’s time. To me, this is at the heart of Simply Music; it is a method that allows students to feel confident enough at the beginning of their musical journey that they can’t help but play their instruments with joy, courage, and enthusiasm."

– Beth Tubbs

"As a past student of the accordion and mentor to my two granddaughters, I have found the Simply Music Accordion program to be the perfect tool to teach these young girls how to play and enjoy music in a relatively short period of time. They have gained so much confidence with their playing, they have even applied for a few competitions! The Simply Music Accordion Program allows them to learn and have fun all at the same time."

– Debra Thrash

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