Musically Inclined?  …Me?  You Can’t Be Serious…

We’ve all heard the cringe-worthy chords and sour notes of someone just starting to learn to play an instrument.  And that’s the kind of impression we get about learning to play.  We’re told it’s difficult, frustrating and only for people who have a “natural talent”.

But the truth is, all people are musically gifted.

Even – and especially – you.

You tap into that inner musical gift when you dance to the rhythm of your favorite song or even sing along to the radio.  It’s all part of the magic of being human.

And Able to Play can help you rediscover that musical talent – starting right now.

First, Forget Everything You’ve Ever Heard About Trying to Play Piano or Accordion

That means you can forget about reading music, counting out loud, and all those other boring (not to mention extremely frustrating) “necessities”.  At least in the beginning…

We believe learning to play should be about surrounding yourself with the styles of music that appeal most to you – understanding easy techniques to master rhythm and sound so that counting and reading notes come naturally as you progress.

Forcing you to try and learn all the terminology and techniques before you play is like teaching a child to spell a word before they can read.  And the best way to read is – you guessed it, sounding it out.

See how everything comes back to sound?

The Simply Music technique has produced thousands of successful musicians in a variety of genres, and we believe it is the most complete, friendly and most importantly fun way to learn the music you love.

Welcome to Able To Play Music!

Piano and Accordion lessons

Spokane, Washington

   Accordion Lessons

Ready to start playing the accordion now? Find out more about lessons and getting started immediately.


     Piano Lessons

Ready to start playing the piano now? Find out more about lessons and getting started immediately.


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HOHNER Corporation, the world leader in accordion innovation and production offers an array of acccord-ions for all students.


From the Students

“It was surprising to see how effective Skype lessons can be. It has not made a difference whether I take the lessons with a teacher sitting next to me or whether she/he is thousand of miles away. What makes a difference is the quality of the teacher! I can’t wait to settle down in Italy so that I can continue with my lessons with Patricia and her world-class teachers!” - Salomon Salcedo

“I like the cultural diversity in the studio and always enjoy my lessons. The learning is interactive and the teachers are fun. I have progressed a lot in the five years I have been taking lessons at Able To Play Music and have become more musically advanced than I ever thought I would.”  - Naomi Harris

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     Distance Learning

Don’t live in Spokane, WA but still want to learn with qualified teachers? Click here to learn about Skype lessons for accordion.


Accordion Repair

Keys sticking, basses are stiff, bellows leak air, etc. - all can be fixed here at Able To Play Music. 


For Who?
 Children • Teenagers Adults • Seniors
Beginners • Intermediate 
What Age Groups do you Teach?
 We welcome all ages to come learn and experience the joy of playing music!  From 6 to 96, there’s no age limit on learning how to play.


Accordion Lessons • Piano Lessons

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Are you A Beginner?

Able to Play Music offers easy-to-follow, fun-to-learn techniques that will have you playing your favorite songs from your very first lessons!

Call: (509) 998-5422

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Learning How to Play the Piano or Accordion Shouldn’t Be Difficult or Frustrating!

Now, a Revolutionary New Method Can Help You --

Immerse Yourself in the Music and Play Beautifully

– Even If You’ve Never Touched a Musical Instrument in Your Life! –

The Able to Play Music Difference

Unlike traditional piano lessons or “do-it-yourself” methods, Able to Play Music gets you into the music right away – no matter what your style:

•Popular music

•Jazz and Blues

•Classical music


•And more!

The difference is our Hetibu Method.  It offers fun and effective tools in 5 different areas giving everyone the chance to succeed in every aspect of music.

Knowing exactly how a student naturally processes information and what type of language to use in the learning process is key.  If they are left-brain or right-brain makes a huge difference how they will understand music! 

Our Hetibu Method makes sure EVERYONE can learn music easily.

Have Experience?

Able To Play Music helps you play with ease and overcome technical limitations using the Taubman approach and Frederic Deshamps French technique. It is also a way that tone production and other components of expressive playing can be understood and taught.


Easily learn to play from any lead sheet, fake books from all styles right from the beginning

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The Teachers

Learn all about the teachers at Able to Play Music by clicking here.  Each teacher has been professionally accredited by the Australian Simply Music educational institution and has years of experience training students of all ages and skill levels.

Online Lessons also available

If you are not in or near Spokane, we offer one-on-one lessons on accordion or piano via Skype.  This lets us instruct and guide you directly, no matter where you are in the world!  These fun online piano and accordion lessons can last from 30 minutes to an hour and will allow us to tailor custom, specific lessons personalized just for you!

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What Will I Learn in the Risk-Free Trial Lesson?

Lots of things!  First, we’ll give you an overview of the Simply Music method, and how it’s different from any other music teaching method in the world.  If you’ve taken lessons in the past, but forgotten everything (or gave up out of frustration!), this is the perfect opportunity to rediscover the thrill of playing real music!

We’ll then teach you a piece of music through a demonstration and show you how even beginning students can play songs using both hands from their very first month with us. On average, our students learn to play 40-50 songs per year!

If you’re in the Spokane area, we’ll also give you a tour of the studio and introduce you to the teachers! 

The bottom line is this, we envision a world where everyone is Able to Play, and we’re ready to give you the instruction, confidence and enthusiasm to make it happen.

All you need to do is click below to claim your FREE session (piano or accordion) and follow the simple registration steps.

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