The Portatos | Accordion Band

Letting ‘The Portatos’ Out of the Bag

Submitted by Chip (aka Corrie Sams)

February 3, 2012

If you were to peek into Able to Play Studio on a Monday night, you would find a group of fun-loving youngsters (ages 12-24) enthusiastically playing their favorite instrument – the accordion.   They are known as The Portatos; a musical term which, by the way, happens to sound like potato.  Sporting aliases like ‘Curly Fry’, ‘Couch Potato’, and ‘Spud’, they are on a mission to prove that the accordion is not the same stereo-typed instrument that most people think of.  To them, the accordion is both modern and cool.

            Since the beginning of 2011, The Portatos have been playing together under the direction of renowned accordionist and instructor Patricia Bartell.  Past venues include the Leavenworth International Accordion Celebration and the Spokane Fall Folk Festival where they were thrilled to be part of the KPBX live radio broadcast. 

            Many exciting events are on the horizon for this group of young musicians.  They will be competing in both the Leavenworth and Kimberly BC competitions as well as helping to promote the World Trophy Accordion Championships (Trophée Mondial) that will be hosted in Spokane this October 23-27, 2012.   Currently, The Portatos are preparing for their appearance in the free KPBX Kid’s Concert on April 14th at the Bing Crosby Theater in Spokane. With costume changes, choreography, and songs from around the world, it may prove to be a show to remember.