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The Accordion Strikes Again

June 11, 2013

Five young accordionist, two bass players and a 12 year old drummer appear again to showcase the versatility of the once thought of “grampa’s box” – now a contemporary respected fun & extraordinary box.

Described as energetic, all-star, stellar, inspirational, unique, the Portatos | Accordion Band will once again step out on stage at the Bing Crosby Theater to present hits such as The Final Countdown, Wipe Out, the Charleston, You Raise me Up, Orange Blossom Special – their repertoire is as varied as it is fun.

Joining the Portatos | Accordion Band will be the Vagabonds Balkan Brass Band.  Another youthful, energetic group performing Roma (Gypsy) music from Romania, Serbia and other Balkan countries. From Lewis & Clark and Ferris High School, the Vagabonds include the accordion, sax, trumpet, clarinet, tuba, violin, drums & vocals.

Come prepared to enjoy not only an evening of great music, but entertainment as well at the Bing Crosby Theater!


  1. Bing Crosby Theater

  2. June 11, 2013

  3. 7:00PM

  4. Tickets at the door $10